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Restore and beautify your deck

Is your deck dingy, moldy, and in need of a quality pressure washing? Call the professional team at Kostyak Painting to have your decks restored, refinished and ready for use!

 •  Professional grade pressure washing units

 •  Offers deck board replacement (non structural)

 •  Deck refinishing work done with brush and roller

 •  Exterior concrete pressure washing

 •  Seal coat finishes

 •  Custom interior or exterior staining and polyurethaning

 •  High quality materials used

 •  No spraying

Deck Services include:

With the right pressure washing unit, you will receive fantastic, long lasting results. Your deck will be cleaned using our professional grade units, which will remove mold and dirt on walking surfaces. You'll find that slips and falls will be greatly reduced and your deck will look brand new.


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Quality pressure washing services

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Pressure Treated Cedar



Coatings offered:

  • clear or tranparent wood stain/sealer

  • solid color elastomeric